Conas?: Top 5 Irish Twitter Accounts to Follow!

Conas? is a weekly series, where I give you tips on how to use the Irish language more regularly and in a more infomal way!


Social media is a big part of our day-to-day lives, so when learning a language seeing as much of that language on your timeline as possible can be a definite advantage. Irish is a modern and current language with a huge online presence and Twitter is a fantastic platform for Gaeilgeoirí (of all qualities of Irish) to meet and to practice their Gaeilge. Here below are five Twitter accounts to follow if you’re looking to improve your Irish!

And give @MiseKatie a follow while you’re at it!

Screenshot (54)

NB: Why not also change your Twitter account itself to Irish? Click here to read a post on the RTÉ Gaeilge page about how to change your social media accounts to Irish.






1. ‘The Irish For’

@TheIrishForScreenshot (55)

‘The Irish For’ is a fantastic account that posts multiple times daily with ‘smithereens of Irish’. Not only does the account post words that you can use in everyday conversation, it offers a translation with a very appropriate GIF. ‘The Irish For’ was also the Twitter account that inspired the recent posts on Irish language restaurants – filled with puns go leor.


2. ‘Raidió na Life’


Raidió na Life is an Irish language radio station based in Dublin City. The station broadcasts shows made by the volunteer presenters and producers at the station. Their Twitter feed is really interesting with the presenters themselves able to communicate directly with the listeners. You can also send them a tweet with a request. There is a show for everyone with great chat, good music and in-depth interviews, RnaL is worth a listen and a follow.

Screenshot (58)


3. ‘Méimeanna na Gaeilge’Screenshot (57)


Méimeanna na Gaeilge’ posts hilarious memes through Irish, making learning the Irish a fun and enjoyable experience. Run by the legend that is Ciara Ní É, the account also welcomes submissions from followers so ar aghaidh libh! You can also follow the page on Facebook here!



4. ‘’


To keep up to date on all the latest news as Gaeilge, following Tuairisc  is a must! There are regular updates on everything from current affairs and politics to opinion and culture – all through Irish of course! You can also check out their website at


5. ‘Gaelchultúr Teo’


Not only does Gaelchultúr post ‘frása an lae’ (phrase of the day’) on the Twitter feed, but you can also find updates on Irish language classes and events near you! If you want to bring your online experience to life, Gaelchultúr is the account to follow!

Screenshot (59)


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